God I Love Bacon
Names Barra Carlin and i'm 18 years olds, like rock music, particularly punk and post-hardcore and art, which could mean anything really. Check out my art that i went and done if your interested.
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So a guy from the local paper stopped me at graduation while I was photographing some of my friends, and asked me to retake the picture so he could photograph me taking it, and it somehow ended up on their website.


Great way to capture the ending of Senior year, right? Well, until you see the photo I was actually taking 


why does this not have an infinite amount of notes

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Mortal Kombat X - New Screens




why am i not a disney princess

because ur a 15 year old boy


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me when someone tries to flirt with me

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Artist on Tumblr

Slinkachu | on Tumblr (UK) - Little People Project

For an artist whose work frequently represents the themes of anonymity, alienation and loneliness inspired by city-living, it is perhaps appropriate that Slinkachu biographical details remain vague. Born in Devon, Slinkachu currently lives and works in London. In 2006, Slinkachu embarked on the first of his street art installation campaigns: The Little People Project. His miniature figures are left to fend for themselves in the bustling city, where they are then photographed and left to the abandon of their urban environment. These figures embody the estrangement spurred by the over-whelming nature of the modern metropolis, and incite a renewed perspective of the everyday urban experience to those who find them. This sense of isolation and melancholy, however, is accompanied by sense of irony and humour that makes Slinkachu’s commentary all the more poignant. Slinkachu has received international attention for his Little People Project and has participated in many group exhibitions both locally and internationally. (src. Andipa Gallery)

[more Slinkachu]

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As part of the UN Conference on Sustainable Development an enormous outdoor installation of fish was constructed using discarded plastic bottles on Botafogo beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The sculptures are illuminated from the inside at night creating a pretty spectacular light show.


Hyper-Realistic Acrylic Body Painting
Alexa Meade
is a Washington based Installation Artist who creates these amazing photos to look like paintings by painting her models and their surroundings in Acrylic paint to make them look like they belong to the canvas.

why is Sin City there? Quentin Taratino directed one scene in the movie and there not even the ones been shown. Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez wrote and directed the sin city movie. Plenty of other movies that could have been chosen of his, that are actually his.

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